[December 4]
The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. I Corinthians 3:17
THE lesson in connection with the building of the temple, the Lord's church, "which temple ye are," is that worldly persons, worldly methods, and worldly aid and wisdom are to be rejected. As all the living stones are to be polished, fitted, and prepared under the eye and direction of the great Master Builder, the Lord, so all the servants, all the ministers of the truth engaging in this work, are to be, so far as we have to do with the matter, such only as manifest a circumcision of heart, and thus show themselves to be Israelites indeed. Much and serious has been the injury done to the Lord's cause by the selection of workmen whose chief recommendation has been that they had some ability as public speakers, a good address. Rather let us remember that none may engage in this work as true Israelites unless they be in full accord with the Master Builder, and by their ability in rightly dividing the Word of truth show themselves to be workmen that need not to be ashamed. Z'99-204 R2512:5(Hymn Appendix K)