[November 14]
Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29
NOW, while it is dark, before the Sun of Righteousness has arisen with healing in his beams, to scatter all the doubts and fears and hindrances, the Lord puts a premium upon faith, and only those who can and do exercise it may and do have certain rewards, privileges, opportunities, and blessings. Of the Gospel-age little flock it is written, we "walk by faith and not by sight." We endure, "as seeing him who is invisible"; we run for a crown and a throne which we may see only with the eye of faith; we obey the voice of him who speaketh from heaven, but whose voice now is the still small voice, which only the few who exercise faith can hear, appreciate, and understand. By and by the time will come when this voice shall shake the earth and cause the knowledge of the Lord to fill the whole earth. Obedience then will be proper and bring a blessing; but obedience now, even unto sacrifice of earthly interests in following the footsteps of him who set us an example, brings the greater blessings—the blessings which pertain not only to the life which now is, but also to that which is to come—the blessings of glory, honor, and immortality. Z'01-141 R2804:5 (Hymn 46)