[November 12]
Certainly I will be with thee. Exodus 3:12
OUR text is an inspiration to the Lord's people everywhere and at all times, when endeavoring properly to do any part of the Lord's work, heeding his call through the Word. If God be for us, and if God be with us, who can prevail against us eventually? There may be with us, as there were with Moses and his service, various difficulties, trials, vexations, and disappointments, for we have the treasure of the new nature in earthen vessels, and the weaknesses and imperfections and shortsightedness of these are sure at times to cause us difficulties and discouragements. On such occasions our duty is to turn the eyes of our understanding to him whom we serve, whose ambassadors and representatives we are, and to recall his promise, "Certainly I will be with thee." This means eventual victory, though perhaps through devious ways that we know not, and expect not, which nevertheless will ultimately prove to have been advantageous to us and to our Master's glory. Z'01-361 R2910:1 (Hymn 126)