[November 11]
And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord. Acts 11:21
THE word hand as a symbol signifies power and direction. Here we have the true secret of all successful Christian work which will have the divine approval. Each individual Christian, so to speak, is a finger of the Lord....If we would be used and useful as God's agencies, ambassadors, we should seek to be impulsed and guided by him. We are to hear his voice through the Scriptures and we are to realize his energizing power in the spirit of the truth....Nor are we to gauge the success of our endeavors by the great numbers, as in this case, which was quite exceptional. We should, however, expect some fruitage to our labors, and if peradventure, by unwisdom in our methods of presenting the message we have lost our influence as "ambassadors for God," we should seek to appreciate the lesson of greater wisdom and should look to the Lord for an open door to service along some other lines or in some other place, where our lessons of experience could be put to practical effect. Z'09-90 R4357:2 (Hymn 275)