[November 4]
Behold the Bridegroom. Matthew 25:6
THE announcement, the truth upon this subject, is indeed a testing, proving, which of the professed virgins of the Lord have the oil in their vessels, the right spirit of humility, patience, love, devotion, interest in the things of the Bridegroom. Such and such only are desired by the Bridegroom or will be permitted to enter. In view of this it is evident that our work in the present time is not only to proclaim the Bridegroom's presence, but to assist those who have the oil in their vessels to trim their lamps. If it is not already too late to buy the oil it soon will be, and hence our special care should be in respect to those who have the oil of the Lord's Spirit but who are still asleep or drowsy and need to have an announcement of his presence brought kindly, patiently, perseveringly to their attention. Z'06-315 R3869:5(Hymn 230)