[October 31]
Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord. Malachi 3:7
THE thought everywhere held out in the Scriptures is that God's mercy endureth forever—that is, "olam," or to a completion. A small portion of the world of mankind at the present time has received God's favor to the extent of being justified and made partakers in the divine favor and mercies of this present time. As in his dealings with these the Lord is very gracious, so is he to those who return from the ways of sin, and he is even patient with those who lack the spirit of love and forgiveness, and comes to them entreating them to join in his gracious plans and arrangements. This loving-kindness bestowed upon the believers of the present time illustrates the Spirit of the Lord. It becomes an assurance to us of the fulfilment of his promise that in due time all the families of the earth shall be brought to a knowledge of his goodness, to an opportunity for knowing him whom to rightly know and appreciate will mean to them everlasting life. Z'06-254 R3836:4 (Hymn 226)