[October 12]
The wise shall understand. Daniel 12:10
DEARLY beloved, we are permitted to enjoy wonderful things! By the grace of God we are privileged to see the meaning of things that were once mysterious, not only to us, but to our parents. While some in Babylon are going into infidelity, some out of Babylon are becoming stronger spiritually, entering by hope "into that which is within the veil." If Christ is our Forerunner, we shall enter there with him. To do so will mean to become partakers of The Messiah, as symbolically represented. The true church is to become associated with Christ in his kingdom. Then will come the promised blessings to "all the families of the earth." As we perceive the consistency of the divine plan of the ages, our hearts are full of thanksgiving to God. We see that the new dispensation will be ushered in with "a time of trouble such as never was"; and that this time of trouble is located, among other ways, by that prophecy which tells that "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased"; that there will be a time of trouble; but that "the wise shall understand." From what source do the wise receive their instruction? They will understand according to the wisdom from on high—in humility accepting the divine Word and being blessed in so doing. Z'12-278 R5092:6 (Hymn 333)