[September 29]
If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them. John 13:17
WE MAY never become entirely satisfactory to ourselves in thought, word, and deed while in the flesh; and we may never, therefore, be entirely satisfactory either to others; but we can, we should, we must, and by the grace of God let us each resolve that we will, attain to all of this so far as our hearts are concerned. Nothing short of this will be satisfactory to our Lord, to whom we are "betrothed" as members of the chaste, virgin church. If we fail to come up to this reasonable, possible, standard, we will fail to make our calling and election sure to a place in the bride company. But if we do these things, if at heart we are at this standard, and are daily seeking to live it to the best of our ability, the Heavenly Bridegroom will rejoice to own us as members of his elect. Oh, how much depends upon our learning this lesson! Z'09-255 R4460:6(Hymn 109)