[September 19]
Brethren, pray for us. I Thessalonians 5:25
IT IS not for us to exert force in opposition, not to shout loudly about our rights. We are to remember that in becoming soldiers of the cross we voluntarily gave up all earthly rights in order that we might be participators with the Captain of our Salvation, who permitted all of his rights to be taken from him, even unto death. As the followers of Jesus are made a spectacle to the world and to angels, they are also permitted to strengthen and build up one another in the most holy faith by their love and zeal for the Lord and his message. We may well remember our privilege of praying one for another under such circumstances. We may not pray for the Lord to hinder others or ourselves from having trials or tests along these lines, for it is for the divine wisdom to determine what these shall be, but it is our privilege to pray for one another and for ourselves—to pray for that grace to help in every time of need which the Lord has promised he will grant. Z'16-221 R5928:5(Hymn 115)