[August 14]
Then the devil leaveth Him, and behold, angels came and ministered unto Him. Matthew 4:11
OUR Lord's utter refusal of every other way of carrying out his mission than the one which the Father had marked out, the way of self-sacrifice, the narrow way, was indeed a great victory. The Adversary left him, finding nothing in him that he could take hold of or work upon, so thoroughly loyal was he to the very Word and the Spirit of Jehovah. And then, the trial being ended, the holy angels came and ministered unto the Lord—doubtless supplying him with refreshment such as he had refused to exercise the divine power to obtain for himself. And such we may recognize as being the experience of our Lord's followers: with victory comes a blessing from the Lord, fellowship of Spirit, refreshment of heart, a realization of divine favor that makes stronger for the next trial. Z'00-32 R2568:4 (Hymn 65)