[July 30]
Who is a God like unto thee, that...retaineth not his anger forever, because he delighteth in mercy. Micah 7:18
THE heathen Gods are all vengeful. The God of the Bible alone lays claim to being a God of love "whose mercy endureth forever," as one of the Psalms repeats again and again. Alas, how terribly our God of wisdom, justice, love, and power has been misrepresented to the world, and to the church, as a God delighting in the eternal torture of the vast majority of his creatures; for if such were his provision for them, and he knew the end from the beginning, it would surely prove that he delighted in, and intended their torture. But when our eyes open to a proper interpretation of God's Word, his character becomes glorious before our eyes and commands our love and our devotion! As the apostle declares, it is the divine love which constrains us to be faithful and obedient. Z'11-378 R4892:3(Hymn 296)