[June 30]
The very God of peace sanctify you wholly. I Thessalonians 5:23
THERE is a certain difference between the words sanctification and consecration, though they are sometimes used almost interchangeably. The word consecrate has the thought of surrender. Consecration is a definite step, taken at a certain moment. It is the yielding up of the will and of all to God. Whoever has not thus definitely surrendered his will, himself, to the Lord, has never made a real consecration. We believe that there is no step more necessary to be seen clearly by God's professed people than this one, and none more necessary to be made plain to others. The word sanctification not only has in it the thought of this definite and complete consecration at the beginning, but also takes in the entire process of transformation of character and preparation for the kingdom. It progresses throughout the Christian course until the character is fully developed and ripened, and it must then be maintained until the end of the way. Z'16-99 R5876:6 (Hymn 196)