[June 11]
Ye are witnesses of these things. Luke 24:48
THE apostles as witnesses were not merely to tell about the Redeemer's virgin birth, nor merely about his holy, devoted life, nor merely of our Lord's resurrection, nor merely of his ascension, but in addition to all these facts they were to tell that he was a properly qualified Redeemer, that he met all the conditions of the Law, and that now he ever liveth to succor those who come unto the Father through him. How faithfully the apostles performed their mission! How truly, as the Apostle Paul declared, they shunned not to declare the whole counsel! Worldly wisdom might intimate that to own a Master and Teacher who had been executed as a felon would be to their discredit, and thoroughly hinder them from progress in gathering followers to their Leader. But these faithful witnesses consulted not with flesh and blood as to what they should preach—they told the story simply in all of its details, not neglecting even those of Peter and Judas, and the disputing as to which should be greatest, etc. The truth in the simplicity in which God intended it to be delivered has evidently come down to us in the Bible account. Z'06-396 R3911:3(Hymn 23)