[May 26]
The Lord is our King; he will save us. Isaiah 33:22
OUR text is one the sentiments of which should be deeply impressed upon the hearts of all the Lord's people. The world may cry out, saying, "We have no king but Caesar," but the Lord's people, the Israelites indeed, will feel the reverse of this—that "the Lord is our King." In harmony with his command we will honor earthly kings and obey earthly laws in every particular in which they do not conflict with the divine law; but nevertheless, above earthly kings, our esteem, homage, and obedience must be to him whom the Lord hath appointed, King Immanuel. If he be enthroned in our hearts it will be comparatively easy for us to be loyal to him in our conduct and in our words, wherever we may be. If we deny him, he will also deny us; but if we confess him he will also confess us before the Father and the holy angels—he will save us ultimately. Through us as his church, his body, he will, according to the original promise, bless all the families of the earth which we, with him, will then inherit. Z'03-206 R3219:4 (Hymn 290)