[May 13]
Teach me good judgment and knowledge. Psalm 119:66
NO FOLLOWER of Christ is so well developed that he can say, I do not need any further instructions along the lines of justice and love, but my brother needs it. And in our experiences with the brethren, where the other one seems to be at fault, let us say to ourselves, Here is a brother who perhaps has had more disadvantages than I have had. He is a brother of mine according to the Spirit. He seems to me to be doing something wrong, but I sympathize with him because he probably does not know that his action is wrong. Or I may be wrong myself. If he saw the matter from my viewpoint, he would do differently. I will not judge him, but leave that for the Almighty, who is infallible in judgment and to whom judgment belongs. I Corinthians 4:5 Z'15-7 R5604:2 (Hymn 154)