[May 11]
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35
OUR Lord Jesus Christ is the grandest example of self-denial in the interests of others. He was rich in the possession of the spiritual nature with all its glory and honor. Yet for our sakes he became poor, taking the human nature in order that he might redeem mankind. To this end he surrendered life itself at Calvary, that through his sacrifice we might become rich—possessed of divine favor and the riches of divine grace in Christ—even joint-heirship with him who is now our exalted Lord at the right hand of divine Majesty. But to attain this joint-heirship with him we must study to be like him, to have his Spirit and to share with others whatever he may give us of either temporal or spiritual favor—either to feed or to clothe others (particularly those of the household of faith) temporally or spiritually, as circumstances may dictate. Z'16-219 R5927:6(Hymn 191)