[May 2]
Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out. John 6:37
AS SOON as the limit of time expired, God manifested his favor toward the Gentiles by sending the Gospel message to Cornelius, a reverential and holy and generous Gentile. Since then God's favors are as open to the Gentile as to the Jew—"the middle wall of partition" has been "broken down." The Gentiles and Jews are now both received on the same terms, viz., faith in Jesus and consecration to walk in his steps. It is from this standpoint that we should read the Apostle's statement that the Gospel of Christ "is preached to every creature under heaven." He did not mean, nor would it have been true, that the Gospel had been preached to every creature in the sense of being proclaimed to all. For now, eighteen centuries later, it has not yet been proclaimed to all mankind. What the apostle did mean is that the Gospel is now unrestricted, free to be preached to every creature under heaven, no matter what his nationality—that it is no longer confined to Jews as at first. Now, whoever has "an ear to hear, let him hear" the good message of the kingdom. Now, whoever hears and has a heart to accept God's gracious message, let him present his body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God through Christ. Z'12-294 R5101:1(Hymn 291)