[April 25]
I thank God, whom I serve...that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day. II Timothy 1:3
THOSE whose hearts are loving to their enemies, and loving to the household of faith, and above all, loving to the Lord, these would indeed be exceedingly sensitive if their hearts got into any attitude in which they would not be seeking the welfare of others, and praying for them. In such hearts there would be no room for anger, bitterness, strife, envying. In such hearts the love of God is shed abroad as represented by the holy anointing oil, the unction from the Holy One, which lubricates all of the sensibilities, smoothing not only the countenance, but also the tongue and the heart; for "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh," and bitter water cannot come from a pure fountain. Z'08-203 R4201:2(Hymn 239)