[April 24]
These are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the Word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit. Mark 4:20
LET us, dear brethren, not only be sure that our hearts are of the good ground sort, and be sure that we have received and are developing the good seed, the Word of the kingdom, but let us seek also to bring forth much fruit. Seeing that some of these may bring forth thirty, some sixty, and some an hundredfold to the Master's praise, let us determine that by the grace of God, which we know is ours and will assist us, we will be of those who bring forth fruitage an hundredfold— to our largest possible capacity and measure of service to our King. How may we increase our faithfulness? We answer, by increasing honesty of heart, which prepares us for increased measure of the seed and which enables us to bring this forward to perfection. The harvest is nigh: let us give diligence, therefore, while still there is opportunity, that the Master may find us fruitbearing to the very largest degree of our possibilities of nature, surroundings, and opportunities. Z'06-126 R3765:1(Hymn 225)