[April 14]
Great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. Matthew 15:28
THE more we study this subject of faith, the more we are convinced that in God's sight faith is not only indispensable, but very precious. We cannot come to God without faith, we cannot abide in his love without faith, we cannot receive day by day his mercies and blessings and leadings except by faith in his promises. We cannot realize ourselves as his children, begotten of the Holy Spirit, and heirs of God, joint- heirs with Jesus Christ our Lord, except as we exercise faith in his Word of promise to this effect. We cannot go on day by day following the Lord except as we are willing to walk by faith and not by sight, for this is the test which he puts upon all of his followers. We cannot see how the oppositions of the world, flesh, and devil, which seem so baneful to us, are blessings in disguise, except as we exercise faith in God's promises that it will be so. We cannot therefore be prepared for the heavenly kingdom in its glories and blessings and privileges except as we now have and exercise the faith which will enable us to profit by various lessons given us in the school of Christ. Z'06-171 R3787:5(Hymn 174)