[March 29]
They said to one another, It is manna:...And Moses said unto them, This is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat. Exodus 16:15
THE supply of manna was a beautiful figure of the supply of grace in Christ: it needed to be gathered daily; it would not keep over the succeeding days. The lesson of this would seem to be that those who accumulate much of God's grace and truth must also be dispensers of it. It is not provided with a view to the creation of a spiritual aristocracy. How often we have seen this exemplified: those who study the Word merely for themselves, and who do not commingle with the brethren and share their blessings, are not in the long run as much advantaged as we would have expected. Our gathering of the manna is to be day by day: our feeding on the Heavenly Bread is to be a continuous privilege, without which we will not have strength for the journey of life; but with it we should be strong in the Lord, and may perchance be permitted to assist others by the dispensing of divine grace to them. Z'07-186 R4012:5(Hymn 226)