[March 25]
Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. Matthew 7:17
THE Lord's true people are of such a kind that the fruit of their lives is nourishing and refreshing toward all who have fellowship with them. On the other hand; there are persons who, thistle-like, are always scattering seeds that will cause trouble—false doctrines, evil surmisings, and errors; and there are some who, like thorn bushes, instead of bearing refreshing fruit, are continually reaching out to impede, to irritate, to annoy, to vex, to poison, to injure, those with whom they come in contact. The Lord's people ought to have little difficulty in distinguishing between the false teachers who would mislead them and the under-shepherds who gladly lay down their lives in the service of the flock. The one class are continually mischief-makers, underminers, destroyers. The other class are helpers, builders, strengtheners, peacemakers. Z'06-93 R3747:2(Hymn 267)