[March 22]
And the light shineth in darkness. John 1:5
WHOSOEVER receives the light of truth intelligently must rejoice in it; and rejoicing in it, he must let it shine out upon others, or, by covering his light with a bushel, he will demonstrate his lack of courage, lack of appreciation, lack of earnestness—qualities which the Lord is now specially seeking among those whom he has invited to be sharers with Jesus in the glories of the mediatorial kingdom about to be established among men. It is important, therefore, that we let our light shine before men; that we be willing, nay, glad if need be, to suffer for our loyalty to the Lord and to his message. And we have his Word for it that whoever is ashamed of him or of his Word now, of such he will be ashamed by and by. He will not own them as members of his bride class, will not accept them as assistants with him in his glorious throne. Z'12-49 R4967:5 (Hymn 261)