[March 8]
Be strong and of a good courage. Joshua 1:6
COURAGE is always admirable, but there is a moral courage which should rank higher far than physical. This moral courage is greatly needed among the Lord's people; without it they can do nothing, and many of their difficulties in the Christian way are because they fail to appreciate this matter and fail to develop this courage. It requires real courage of the highest order to stand for the Lord's truth and his people when these are misunderstood, misinterpreted, antagonized. It takes real courage to stand for the light when the great Adversary with a world-wide influence brands it as darkness and leads an assault against it. It requires real courage to denounce the darkness meekly, persistently, when it has on its side wealth, culture, influence, and churchianity. Z'07-283 R4062:1(Hymn 261)