[February 9]
Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God. Deuteronomy 8:18
THE more we come into possession of the spiritual blessings which the Lord has promised us, and which we have accepted by faith, the more need we will have of humility; and our humility will be proportionate to our appreciation of divine goodness and our thankfulness therefore. The grateful, thankful heart may go on from grace to grace, from strength to strength; from knowledge to knowledge, from attainment to attainment; but if gratitude begins to wane and our advantages are accepted either as matters of our own attainment or of good luck, in that same proportion we will find ourselves growing cold spiritually, and with unthankfulness will come unholiness, spiritual self-conceit and pride, and all of this will lead to spiritual dirth, and if persisted in, to spiritual death. Z'02-286 R3080:2(Hymn 179)