[February 4]
Come thou with us, and we will do thee good: for the Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel. Numbers 10:29
WHOEVER comes with us receives a blessing, and in urging any to come with us we receive a blessing because our own faith is encouraged, stimulated, and our own obedience also to the Lord; for shall we say to others, The Lord will do thee good, and not experience good ourselves and not realize the blessings we are receiving day by day from the Lord's hand? And if they do come with us, how the fact that we have suggested the matter and promised them a blessing would help to keep us from murmuring and complaining, and from manifesting anything else than the good we are continually receiving from the Lord. We do well, then, as spiritual Israelites, to follow Moses' example in our appeals to those who are under our influence—we do well to quote to them the promises of the Lord, and to show our faith in the same. Z'07-235 R4038:4(Hymn 38)