[February 2]
Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Psalm 149:5
THE Psalmist here foretells that the saints at this time are at rest upon their beds, while they sing God's praise. The statement might be meaningless to us until we understand from other Scriptures that these beds represent creeds or the sum total of one's religious belief....The true saints of God have at this time beds of full and proper size, and a cover which is warm and ample. They are shown in this prophetic picture as taking their ease, resting in faith, while others are restless and uncomfortable. But while thus resting in these good beds, representing their mental attitude and heart condition, and while praising the Lord, they are using skilfully the "two-edged sword." This sword in their hands is the Bible. Z'15-346 R5804:2(Hymn 182)