[January 28]
We know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together. Romans 8:22
DEARLY beloved of the consecrated household, let us not forget to keep in touch with the groaning creation; to sympathize with its sorrows and its woes; to realize its deep degradation and misery; to remember its frailties, its awful burden of hereditary taints and consequent weaknesses; its present environments of ignorance and superstition, and its long established error of public sentiment; remembering that we too are still in the sinful flesh, and that the motions of sin are still often painfully manifest in us, in some directions, at least, if not in many. And as the cries of the groaning creation come up into the ears of the Lord of hosts with strong and pathetic pleading to his loving heart, so let them come into our ears and gain our sympathies, and quicken our zeal to cooperate with our Heavenly Father's plan for the establishment of his kingdom of righteousness and peace. Z'02-263 R3067:6 (Hymn 38)