[January 24]
David went on and grew great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him. II Samuel 5:10
DAVID'S experiences in waiting for the kingdom and the lessons learned and the character developed and the preparation which made him wise and moderate all serve to illustrate a great lesson to the Gospel church. We also are called to sit upon the throne of the Lord— to rule in his name. We also have been anointed to office by the Holy Spirit, which the apostle declares is a foretaste of the glory and joys into which we shall enter when the crowning days shall have come. If discipline, self-control, faith, moderation, and hope were all requisite to make David a king over the Lord's people and to properly represent him in government, how much more severe lessons should be for us who are called to so much higher a station—to the throne of earth as God's representatives and to the royal priesthood, ruling, judging, and trying mankind, to the intent that as many as possible of them may be rescued from their degraded condition and be brought into full harmony with God! Z'08-268 R4236:1(Hymn 300)