[January 5]
The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23
WHILE the Heavenly Father may not be pleased to grant us either for ourselves or for our children immunity from pain, suffering, and death, nevertheless he has made a still grander and more glorious provision for us through our Lord Jesus Christ—a provision for our eternal life. But this gift is reserved for those who either now or in the future shall cultivate and exemplify generosity, faith, love toward God and man. Blessed are we whose eyes and ears of understanding are now open to know the grace of God, to appreciate the same—we who are now in the school of Christ to develop the fruits and graces of his Spirit, the likeness of our Lord. For such is the kingdom, the joint-heirship and blessings and privileges not only of eternal life, but of joint-heirship with Christ. As for the world in general, it will be required of them during the millennial age that they also shall develop the fruits and graces of the Lord's Spirit if they would be accounted worthy of eternal life. Sonship implies likeness, and none are to have eternal life except those acceptable as sons. Z'04-285 R3432:6 (Hymn 235)